Testing fruit for maturity is an important part of any QA program.

Testing for maturity is an integral part of any quality assurance program. When working closely with fruits and produce, you must make important decisions in all aspects of their life, from harvesting and distribution to receiving and preparing to be served. 

How Do Refractometers Work?

Refractors are the most reliable and affordable tools to determine the maturity and quality of your foods. They use prisms and light sources to give you a detailed look at the sugar contents in various food items, including fruits, vegetables, beverages and more. Quality inspection instruments, such as handheld refractometers, allow you to measure sugars, soluble solids and the BRIX value of foods, aiding you in your decision-making. 

At QA Supplies, we offer high-quality portable refractometers that measure different properties, including soluble solids. Our catalog contains popular options to test for fruit maturity in addition to many specialty versions testing for proteins and salinity. These devices are designed to withstand harsh conditions with intuitive ergonomics. Many options even come with water-resistant capabilities. Many are easily calibrated with distilled water, although you can also ensure proper calibration by sending it to us. 

Whether you're using our analog solutions or those with LCD screens and batteries, a few drops on our refractors will provide you with a world of information. Our refractometers are perfect for fruit and other produce, whether you're out harvesting in the field or in your cold storage room. We also offer various accessories, including carrying cases, daylight plates, lens covers and eyepieces. 

QA Supplies is sure to have the tools you need to succeed. Explore our inventory and get your hands on one of our portable refractometers today.