AR200 Full-Range Digital Refractometer

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The AR200 is the first digital hand-held refractometer that performs as well as most laboratory-grade automatic Abbe refractometers with the ease-of-use and price of a hand-held.

This refractometer has better than twice the range and twice the accuracy of other handheld instruments, even exceeding many benchtop refractometers. It is designed to automatically read your samples with precision comparable to high-end automatic refractometers. Operator interpretation of unclear shadow lines is no longer necessary.

It is ideal for a wide variety of industries including food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical. It can be used for checking fruit ripeness, solids levels, quality standards, raw material and solvent purity, concentration/mix ratios, and many other applications. The AR200 offers direct reading of percent solids (Brix), refractive index (nD), temperature compensated percent solids (Brix-TC), temperature compensated refractive index (nD-TC) and temperature. It may also be programmed to read out in user-defined units such as ppm, specific gravity, freeze point, etc. Computer interface ability, custom scale programming, and automatic temperature compensation make the AR200 the instrument of choice to meet all your testing requirements.


  • Wide range and multiple scales means one instrument instead of many
  • High resolution (3600 cells), linear scanned array imaging achieves range and accuracy of most benchtop instruments
  • Up to 3 Custom scales programmable for any solution, such as corn syrups, glycols, salinity, serum proteins, urine specific gravity, alcohols, brake fluid, and more!
  • Dual Temperature Sensors for both Prism and Ambient temperature
  • Optics and sensing element mounted in a fully sealed, ruggedly constructed, diecast frame
  • Auto Off mode extends battery life
  • Complies with applicable CE standards
  • Date and Time stamp
  • New sapphire prism for greater durability and more accurate ATC calculation
  • IR Receiver / Transmitter port for data input and output to PC
  • Stores up to 225 readings for download to PC
  • Optional IR Communication Package enables reading log, calibration log, and custom scale transfer to any lab PC
  • Made in the USA!


  • Ranges:
    • Refractive Index: 1.3300 to 1.5600
    • Brix: 0 to 95%
  • Resolution:
    • Refractive Index: 0.0001
    • Brix: 0.1
  • Accuracy:
    • Refractive Index: ±0.0001nD
    • Brix: ±0.1%
  • Scales:  Refractive Index, Brix, up to 3 user defined
  • ATC Range: 32°F to 110°F (0°C to 43°C)
  • Power: Four (AAA) batteries (included)
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Dimensions:  7" x 3.8" x 1.4" (18 x 9 x 3.5 cm)