Thermal Imaging

When you need to get a picture in a situation where visibility is compromised, you can rely on a thermal imaging device to help. These compact thermal imaging tools are equipped with innovative heat sensors that can detect even the slightest differences in heat, gathering vital information to create detailed images.

Thermal imaging allows professionals to improve their visibility while enhancing their safety and efficiency in the field. Professionals in various fields, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, healthcare and energy industries, utilize handheld thermal imaging cameras.

Handheld/Compact Thermal Imaging Cameras

QA Supplies offers various styles and models of compact thermal imaging devices so you have what you need to maintain a secure and productive work environment. Our products provide the best combination of performance and convenience, with many designed to fit right into your pocket while withstanding the harshest conditions. 

Our handheld thermal imagers allow easy inspection and sharing of images, using intuitive software and Wi-Fi to upload and distribute instantly. You and your team can depend on these tools for reliable battery use, accurate temperature measurements and high-resolution LCD screens. 

Explore our unique collection of thermal imaging devices today to find what you need.