Weather Monitoring

What Is an Environmental Meter? 

Environmental meters are tools used both indoors and outdoors to gauge environmental factors. They guide food distributors and growers in making intelligent decisions about their food supply conditions. Warehouses use them for monitoring, and you can even take data collected through an environmental meter and transfer it to your data collection device to track trends or identify patterns. 

What Does an Environmental Meter Measure? 

Environmental meters can measure many different factors, including: 

How Accurate Are Hand-Held Environmental Meters?

Hand-held environmental meters are highly accurate. They rely on state-of-the-art technology that includes the latest ways to measure weather. Advancements in the field have expanded the function of hand-held environmental meters, and the information you need arrives in real time based on the device's surroundings. 

Many industries rely on these tools for accurate information to time crop management, monitor indoor environmental conditions and plan outdoor projects, as their reputation for accuracy allows users to make informed decisions. Of course, you will enjoy the greatest accuracy when you use the product exactly as intended, so make sure to read and follow the directions.