Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement is key to quality inspection across multiple industries. For you convenience, our temperature measurement equipment and instrumentation is divided into subcategories by specific use, needs, and price.


Premium Probe Thermometers feature professional calibration, dependability, and accuracy. Get instant readings with a fold out, stowable probe.


Economy Probe Thermometers offer temperature measurement at an affordable price. Choose from our huge selection of digital probe thermometers.


Infrared Thermometers determine temperature in places where a thermocouples or other probe-type sensors cannot be used. 


Thermal Imaging can be used for detecting leakages, cold bridges, mold, or overheated components.  These cameras have a heat-sensor that registers different temperature levels and converts them into a film or video image.


Data Loggers record temperature in a compact monitoring unit for food and beverage transit, pharmaceutical shipping, and more. Features include wireless connectivity, built in or direct USB connection, and quick, simple setup. 


Air Thermometers provide accurate temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators, and a variety of environments. 


Kitchen / Meat / Oven Thermometers ensure your food and beverage quality and safety


Weather Monitoring