Dial & Glass Air Thermometers

Are Glass Air Thermometers More Accurate? 

Glass air thermometers provide extremely reliable measurements — among the most accurate you can find on the market, and equal to electric models in precision. You can use these tools in daily activities and expect them to stand up to long-term use thanks to their sturdy construction. Some have Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, with a wide scale of negative to very high temperatures.

When Should You Use a Glass Thermometer?

You can use a glass air thermometer whenever you want an accurate measure of air temperature. You can often find large displays, which make it easier to see the reading. Glass thermometers can withstand high temperatures as well as low.

You also benefit from minimal risk of safety incidents. While every food producer or distributor knows that accidents can happen, glass thermometers often include protections so you can go about your job without concern. Anything that gets broken is engineered to allow safe cleanup. 

How Does a Liquid Thermometer Work? 

The liquid in a thermometer won’t freeze even at very low temperatures, and it won’t vaporize when temperatures rise. When the temperature around the thermometer rises, the liquid will expand gradually and equally to show the temperature. Liquid thermometers can draw on a reserve portion of liquid when temperatures rise to establish an accurate measure.