Pocket Weather Meters

What Are Pocket/Hand-Held Weather Meters? 

Weather meters measure surrounding environmental factors. You can use them inside or outside, and they track things such as air temperature and pressure, humidity, wind and more. Hand-held weather meters provide all those capabilities in a device small enough to fit in your pocket. You can bring them wherever you go and get nearly instant measurements that help guide your decision-making. 

How Accurate Are Pocket Weather Meters? 

Hand-held weather meters deliver impressively accurate results, and you can trust the measurements you receive from them. In fact, you can even feed the data into a computer or laptop to analyze it and find trends you can follow to make better decisions for your warehouse or other operation. Each device will have accuracy ratings listed to give you an idea of its potential for precision.

For optimal accuracy, take the device out of your pocket or its carrying case and let it acclimate to the environment for a few minutes before collecting data. When you keep it in your pocket, it can warm to your body temperature. 

What Are the Limitations of a Hand-Held Anemometer? 

Hand-held anemometers have few drawbacks, but you should be aware that you will need to change the batteries often on some devices, while other models display temperature drift. Buying one of the premium units from QA Supplies can mitigate those issues, as we only sell top-of-the-line anemometers.