Economy Probe Thermometers

Whether you're measuring the temperature of meats in a cold storage warehouse or assuring quality before you serve food to your customers, these probe thermometers are just what you need. They provide accurate and reliable temperature readings in any environment while being some of the most affordable on the market.

Affordable Probe Thermometers 

Our affordable probe thermometers are designed with your budget in mind. These economy probe thermometers feature anti-bacterial needle probes, timers, auto-off function, wall-mount brackets and waterproof designs. Many options also come with durable and long-lasting batteries and boast quick sampling times for efficient use.

QA Supplies offers various types and models to meet the demands of any food or perishable item. From meats, fish and poultry to liquids such as espresso and hot chocolate, you can count on our inexpensive probe thermometers to work for you. We also offer tools to help determine the best time to start planting with our Rapitest Soil Probe, measuring 2- to 3-inches deep.

You'll find accessories such as alcohol probe wipes, replacement probes and extra batteries in our catalog to help you get your hands on the instruments and tools you need. Shop our wide range of low-cost thermometers for professionals in food service, biological and laboratory use and more