Infrared Thermometers

Eliminate the risks of cross-contamination or cross-infection when you add an infrared (IR) thermometer to your arsenal. Whether you want to measure the temperature of food or someone's forehead, you can count on these high-quality tools for fast and reliable readings.

Infrared thermometers are high-quality, hand-held solutions for taking temperature measurements from a distance. These IR food thermometers are perfect for preserving the integrity of a wide variety of foods, preventing damage while taking surface-level temperatures of foods like seafood, poultry, produce and more. We also provide infrared forehead thermometers that allow businesses to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their employees. 

Industries We Serve

At QA Supplies, we maintain a comprehensive stockpile of innovative thermometers used in foodservice, agriculture, healthcare and many other industries. Many of these devices come with ergonomic handling features, large LCD screens and intuitive control panels for easy use. 

You can purchase one of our infrared validators to ensure your infrared cooking thermometer adequately reads the temperature of various foods. We also offer customizable calibration and certification when you send your current thermometer to us.

Explore our collection of infrared thermometers for food and health today!