Air Thermometers

What Is the Best Way to Measure Air Temperature? 

You can find many ways to measure air temperature, and many of them are reliable. Electronic thermometers have become more popular, but some people prefer the traditional mercury-based style. The best way to measure air temperature may depend on what product you stock. 

For instance, we sell special cooler/freezer thermometers that can alert you when your temperature rises above the approved hazard analysis and critical control points range. We also have thermometers with: 

In short, you can find all types of thermometers, so the best way to measure air temperature depends on the type of room you use to store your food, the temperature the food needs to stay at, how much food you have and other factors. 

Where's the Best Place to Put an Air Thermometer?

Proper airflow is critical to calculating the air temperature. You should also avoid putting sensors close to the ground, as doing so can result in inaccurate readings. The best place to put an air thermometer is about 5 to 6 feet above the ground

Keep the thermometer out of direct sunlight if you have a produce stand or other outdoor location. If the thermometer is located inside, don’t put it right by the door, as the opening and shutting can result in an incorrect reading. 

Find the Right Air Temperature Thermometer

QA Supplies has a range of thermometers to choose from, and they all deliver exceptional results. These tools are naturally intuitive and require little instruction, and you can pick from different probes that provide more specialized results.