Handheld Penetrometers

Penetrometers are the ideal solution for knowing exactly when your fruits are ready for harvest. They'll help you determine if your fruits are at peak firmness in seconds. A hand held version is even better, as you can easily transport it anywhere on your farm to test various fruits in multiple areas. 

QA Supplies' collection of hand held penetrometers provides testing equipment for any fruits or produce you work with, from small cherries and blueberries to fruits that can weigh over 30 pounds, like avocados and melons. With us, you'll find everything you need to start testing fruits right away, including marked plunger tips, a fruit peeler and a carrying case.

You'll also get anything else you might need to collect your best harvest yet, such as ripening kits, mounting plates and test anvils. If something breaks, we have all the replacement and spare parts for your tools to keep you moving without a hitch.

Whether you prefer a manual or digital display, you'll get what you need at QA Supplies. Start shopping today to make your tools the most efficient ones on the market.