Stay on top of your food production with reliable allergen testing kits. These kits are designed to detect potential antigens in foods, drinks and surfaces, ensuring the highest levels of quality control. Some of the most common allergens these tests can look for include hazelnut, fish, egg, soy, milk and peanuts — all of which can severely affect sensitive individuals. 

At QA Supplies, we offer multiple food safety testing kits and incubators to help you perform these investigations efficiently. Say goodbye to running various, expensive allergen-specific tests through labs. These incubators and food safety allergen testing kits include everything you'll need for a quick, complete analysis. 

These rapid testing solutions allow you to effectively and affordably check for allergens, ensuring your customers and employees are protected. Food allergen detection tests are user-friendly tools that don't require the use of a lab or outside scientific testing knowledge. The uncomplicated nature of these tests allows for convenient use throughout the industry. They enable anyone to conduct accurate testing to ensure food quality control, implementation and fulfillment of industry standards and requirements. 

How Quick Can You Get Results?

Some of our tests require using a heating block, or incubator, while others are self-sufficient and take care of the entire process. Despite these differences, many of the tests we offer will provide results within 15-30 minutes, allowing you to perform corrective measures as soon as possible, if necessary. 

Ready to take your food safety and quality control to a new level? Browse our collection of food allergen test kits and incubators that are available for purchase today!