Analog Indicators

When shipping temperature-sensitive products, such as food, biological samples or pharmaceuticals, it's vital to have a clear picture of how the storage and conditions affect the products throughout the shipping process. If products are subjected to potentially compromising environments, they could be damaged and unsuitable for consumer use. 

Numerous companies use freeze check labels to avoid potential problems during shipping. These simple yet effective, self-adhesive labels are environmentally safe and conveniently attach to the outside of any box or package. They feature an irreversible color change that signifies whether or not sub-freezing temperatures have damaged the product during transport. 

These temperature indicating labels offer a low-cost, efficient temperature monitoring option, generally meant for one-time use or in areas where access to a computer or network is unavailable. They are effortless to use and understand, with no software or extra equipment needed. 

We provide freeze indicator labels in various quantities to give you exactly what you need at the best value. You'll receive fast-acting, incredibly accurate solutions to streamline your workflow, providing you and your customers with improved reliability during transport. 

Check out our freeze check labels and add quality control to your operations.