Keep track of food amounts, packaging quantities and shipping loads with high-end, reliable commercial food scales. It's no secret that most food products are bought and sold based on weight, making it essential for manufacturing, shipping and food production companies to keep track of their weights. 

Most scales come with easy-to-read indicators, allowing you to efficiently record the weights of varying products you're shipping or receiving. Some commercial bench scale models enable you to conveniently configure the indicator placement to your needs, while compact bench scales include built-in LCD screens. 

Types of Scales

QA Supplies provides professionals with various commercial food scales to ensure a high-quality assurance standard within numerous settings. Our selections range from large, industrial floor scales to compact bench scales and more petite, portable portioning scales. You can use many of these professional food scales in restaurants, kitchens and shipping facilities.

You'll also find accessories necessary to keep your scales in check. You can ensure a reliable and accurate calibration using one of our calibration weights, giving you confidence in your scales. 

Whether your kitchen needs a new reliable and professional food scale or you're looking for an industrial bench scale for receiving products, we have what you need. Check out our quality inspection instruments' various features and characteristics and find the right one for your business.