Temperature Monitors & Alarms

QA Supplies carries temperature alarm systems triggered when temperatures drop or rise. Our environmental monitoring devices keep you informed of any changes that occur so you can immediately address the issue. We also have temperature monitors with audible alarms to let nearby personnel at your facility know what’s happening so it can be addressed quickly. Browse our selection of temperature monitoring devices and learn more about these systems. 

Popular Applications for Temperature Monitoring 

You can use temperature monitoring in many ways, including in: 

How Does a Refrigerator Temperature Alarm Work? 

With a temperature sensing alarm, you can set the system to recognize the desired temperature range for the unit. Including a range allows for small fluctuations, such as when your employees open the door. When the temperature goes out of range, the alarm goes off. Depending on the system you choose, the alarm could be an audible sound or an alert sent to another device. 

Are Humidity Controllers Reliable? 

Yes, humidity controllers are very reliable. You can count on them to provide accurate information and help preserve the safety and integrity of your food.