Firmness Testers

Fruit firmness is an indicator of fruit maturity all over the world. Apples, avocados and mangoes are just some of the fruits that our hand held fruit penetrometers can measure to determine ripeness.

Explore QA Supplies' collection of the FT Series. These penetrometers for fruit are ideal for testing in the field. Many of them even come with their own carrying case so they can stay by your side wherever you go. We also provide motorized, automatic Fruit Texture Analyzers (FTAs), manual test stands that decrease variability between different operators, and calibration services to ensure you get the best read on every fruit you test.

Check out our wide selection of penetrometer tests for: apples, bananas, avocados, mangos, peaches, plums, & more. Not sure how firm your fruit should be? Check out our suggested firmness level chart.