How To Properly Measure Mango Firmness

Apr 29th 2019

Measuring mango firmness is a quality check that many ripeners are just beginning to understand. As mango popularity has increased, like the avocado market, the quality inspection process has become more defined. To resolve any questions you may have, QA Supplies demonstrates and describes how to properly measure mango firmness using the FT 327 Handheld Penetrometer and Manual Test Stand.

To start, pick up the mango with the stem-end facing upward. You’ll then find the “nose” of the mango. As funny as this may sound, every mango has a protruding side that looks like a human nose. From the nose, you’ll measure firmness from either the left or right cheek where much of the “meat” within the mango is contained.


To better understand this concept, check out our demonstration video below: