Handheld CO2, Temp & RH Meter

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 Our new, portable CO2 meter puts quick and accurate CO2, Temperature and Humidity measurements in the palm of your hand.

 This handheld instrument was designed to check indoor carbon dioxide levels for personal safety and to help maintain product quality. Its large, back-lit LCD is easy to read in dimly lit environments, making it perfect for checking CO2 and temperature in ripening and cold storage rooms.



  • Measures: Carbon dioxide in PPM, temperature (F or C), % Relative Humidity
  • Sensing Method: NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared)
  • Self Calibrating with fresh Air


  • CO2 Measurement range: 0~9999 ppm (2001~9999 ppm over range)
  • CO2 Accuracy: ± 75ppm, ± 5% of reading (0~2,000 ppm)
  • Battery Life: approx 24 hours continuous reading
  • 80dB Alarm