BroadBand PRO Sonic Bird Repeller

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Bird-X Broadband Pro Sonic Bird Repeller 

Our Best Selling Repeller - Programmable Sonic / Ultrasonic Species-Specific Repeller including Three Visual Scare Devices. This unit targets birds on signs towers, roofs, awnings and more with unrelenting sound combinations.

The BroadBand PRO repels birds with a combination of species specific distress and predator cries. Also makes unnatural, harrasing alarm sounds. When the system is not making audible sounds, it produces a high-frequency sound wave that gives birds headaches where they nest and/or roost.

Broadband Pro Features:

  • Effective against pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls and more
  • Convenient & flexible coverage up to 10,000 square feet (2,500 square feet per speaker)
  • Customize by choosing volume, mute time between sounds, hours of operation and random or sequential play
  • Ideal for use in stadiums, rooftops, hotels, restaurants, warehouse facilities, etc.
  • Harmless - sounds chase away bird's without harming them
  • Includes three visual scares to frighten the birds: Irri-Tape iridescent holographic ribbon, Terror Eyes holographic-eye, Prowler Owl realistic aerofoil-wing predator



  • Supplied with control box plus four separate speakers, each with 100 feet of wire
  • 110 VAC adapter included
  • Click here for detailed specifications

NOTE: All bird control methods prove more effective when different types of bird control products are used in combination.


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