QA Supplies Promotes Agricultural Education At The Yakima Valley Museum

Aug 26th 2019


QA Supplies donated over $500 worth of equipment and technical instruments to the Yakima Valley Museum for their new STEM interactive agricultural exhibit which focuses primarily on apple-production and a live observation beehive. Within this exhibit, children can interact with a bee-smoker, try on a bee-veil, or explore a commercial beehive by removing the interior frames.

The Yakima Valley Museum has plans to create a video ‘wall’ approximately eight feet wide and nine feet tall to screen a selection of focused segments that show the incredible advances in the technology and science behind modern apple farming. QA Supplies supplied the museum with a refractometer and a FT327 fruit firmness tester among other quality assurance equipment to enhance this exhibit.

The process of agricultural quality testing has been honed by QA Supplies after years of providing agricultural professionals with quality and freshness testing equipment.