Holiday Ripening Kit from QA Supplies

Nov 12th 2020

Ripeners and produce professionals can take pleasure in knowing we've put all of their favorite ripening supplies together in a custom carrying case at a savings of over $80!

A premium refractometer, penetrometer, and thermometer are included in the QA Supplies Holiday Ripening Kit packed neatly inside a hardcover carrying case for on-the-go jobs, field use, and traveling. As a company, we recognize the need produce professionals have for accurate and reliable instruments when measuring temperature, fruit firmness, and sugar content (Brix%). These instruments are our customer top picks:

Get Your Holiday Ripening Kit!   $495.00

Kit includes:

  • (1) C28 Premium Thermometer - This k-type thermocouple was designed for use in food service and industrial environments; this thermometer features an easy to use keypad and large LCD display,data hold and auto-off functions, and built-in protective boot with BioCote antimicrobial protection. Supplied with the C28 Premium Thermometer is the PK19M penetration probe.
  • (1) FT327 Penetrometer - Our most popular handheld, fruit firmness tester for apples, peaches, pears, avocado, kiwi, and tomatoes. This instrument features a high impact plastic case & lens, aluminum dial, precision steel spring, brass mechanism chassis, stainless steel plunger and accessories.
  • (1) ATC Hand Refractometer - We have sold this analog refractometer for years and it is still one of the most affordable and reliable ways to measure sugar levels (Brix%). With just a few drops of juice on the prism and a light source, this refractometer quickly helps you determine the maturity and quality of your fruits and vegetables.
  • (1) Custom Hard Cover Carrying Case - A black hard cover carrying case with durable foam inserts for protecting agricultural instruments when traveling to and from job locations. 

QA Ripening Kit Includes