Fruit Firmness Testing Anytime, Anywhere

Mar 26th 2021

FT Series Penetrometers

Valued for convenience, accuracy, and durability, the FT Series Penetrometers allow fruit firmness testing to be done both in the field or in the lab. To accommodate desirable juiciness, crispiness, toughness, hardness, or fibrousness, fruit and vegetable texture must be evaluated. For quick, easy, and accurate firmness testing, our customers favorite the FT Series Penetrometers.

All of the FT Series firmness testers feature a high impact plastic case & lens, aluminum dial, precision steel spring, brass mechanism chassis, stainless steel plunger and accessories for extreme durability while in use outdoors. Plunger tips can be easily changed to measure various fruits within the same measuring range. Peak readings are automatically frozen with a clearly defined and easy to read scale on all FT penetrometers. Depending on the fruit variety measured, users can select from the FT 327FT 011FT 444, or FT02 Penetrometer.

For those looking to perform more accurate testing with a handheld penetrometer, we offer manual test stands. Simply screw the penetrometer into the mounting plate and easily attach it to the elevating mechanism. We offer a chart for recommended firmness levels of different fruits, as well. 

FT Series Penetrometers