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The OneWireViewer software is designed for programming and exploring iButtons on your PC.

It offers basic functionality, enabling you to configure iButtons, view data, and export readings for in-depth analysis by other database applications, such as Excel. This program is now a Free download from the manufacturer Maxim Integrated and listed below are the links for downloading and installing the software and drivers.


  • OneWireViewer Software & Drivers for Windows
    • Jump right to the download page if you are comfortable with the process
    • Just select the version of Windows you are running and whether it's a  32-bit or 64-bit operating system

iButton Software Applications

The OneWireViewer software, when used with iButton products, helps quality assurance and quality control managers track data related to products or food distribution. Managers might use an iButton in a shipping box to monitor temperature changes during transport and identify problem areas to address. The iButton might also attach to a warehouse wall to collect temperature and humidity data in food storage areas.

After collecting data from produce trucks or warehouses, managers can connect the iButton to a PC and run OneWireViewer software. This software displays collected data and allows export to monitor trends or share information with other management personnel. Managers can use the software to track changes and create solutions for safer food distribution.

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