HI93734-01 Free & Total Chlorine High Range Reagents (100 tests)

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Pre-made reagents for the colorimetric determination of high range free and total chlorine. 

This kit includes enough chlorine reagents for 100 tests to be completed with Hanna’s compatible HI96734 portable photometer. The reaction between chlorine and the reagents causes a pink tint in the sample. By first adding 5 mL of HI93734-0 reagent to the sample, followed by one packet of HI93701-0, the reaction with free chlorine will take place. For total chlorine, addition of 3 drops of HI93734C-0 is necessary as well. Following the appropriate reagent addition, Hanna’s compatible HI96734 portable photometer will determine the concentration from the color that is produced. The results will be displayed in mg/L of free or total chlorine. These reagents are designed to be used with samples that have an expected range of 0.00 to 10.0 mg/L free and total chlorine.

  • Extended Range: 0.00 to 9.99 ppm
  • 100 tests
  • Marked with expiration date
  • Lot numbers included for traceability


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