Electronic Fruit Sizer & Datalogger

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Whether you're a fresh produce grower, researcher, quality assurance specialist, or dealer - if you work with fruit, you already know why it's so important to measure fruit and vegetable size.

The EFM (Electronic Fruit Measurer) makes this process a lot easier, as the hand-held device measures the full diameter of fruit on the tree, while the readings are captured on the DataLogger and can then be transferred to PC.

Fruit Sizer Features:

  • Helps analyze data for growth and size distribution curves per orchard or variety
  • Use to compare data from different orchards or years
  • Helps determine the percentage of small fruit still on the tree
  • Saves time and labor - only one person is needed to measure, capture and analyze the data
  • Software as well as a calibrating disc are included

Guss Fruit Sizer & Data Logger Specifications:

  • Measuring range: 12 - 100 mm diameter (0.6 - 4.3 inches)
  • Power: One 9 volt battery
  • Measuring unit: millimeter & inch
  • Measuring resolution: 1.00 mm
  • Can store up to 12,000 fruit sizes


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