The Importance of Temperature Measurement

Sep 20th 2018

Why is temperature Measurement Important?

From morning coffee to the changing of the seasons, temperature measurement is within almost every aspect of our daily lives. 

As one of the most measured parameters across all industries, QA Supplies offers temperature measurement solutions for inside or outside of the home, industrial warehouses, transportation, and more!

What Instruments Are Used to Measure Temperature?

Probe thermometers, weather stations, and data loggers are some of the most popular instruments that are used across all industries.


Within the food and beverage industry, temperature control maintains quality, safety, and outcome. Controlling the temperature of things like cheese or milk keep products from spoiling or potentially making someone sick. Harmful pathogens such as Escherichia, Salmonella, and Listeria are reduced or eliminated through precise temperature management. Temperature measurement in brewing or winemaking can determine whether your favorite beverage is as crisp or tasteful as you count on it to be. From this, calibrated temperature measurement tools must be used in the food and beverage industry.

To ensure proper safety in places like ripening rooms, cold storage, or refrigerators, QA Supplies offers glass dial or digital air thermometers for calibrated measurements. If you’re looking to measure temperature while cooking at home or in bulk, choose between infrared, premium probe , and economy probe thermometers. Our digital handheld and digital pocket thermometer selection provide on-the-go solutions for grill masters, everyday bakers, or even those looking to cook a first holiday meal! 


Within your home, temperature measurement can be used to monitor multiple room temperatures or a particular area of your home you may not see often such as a basement or attic space. Monitoring exterior temperature from inside your home can be helpful for things like choosing between a light or heavy jacket or debating whether or not to switch the thermostat from heating to cooling.

Fortunately, QA Supplies offers home weather stations , pocket weather meters , and indoor/outdoor thermometers to monitor daily environmental conditions. Easily track indoor and outdoor temperatures with a home weather station or indoor/outdoor thermometer . If you need to consistently check the temperature in places like warehouses or cold storage rooms, our selection of  pocket weather meters features small, lightweight designs with quick response times.


For sensitive items like produce or medicine that must be transported, measuring temperature throughout the journey is critical. For produce, this could be the difference between firm or pulpous fruit and vegetables. In chemical transportation, the temperature can affect efficiency and public safety. 

Due to the sensitivity so many everyday items, QA Supplies carries a wide variety of data loggers to track product temperature in each step of transportation. Data loggers are especially useful in warehouses, refrigerated containers and trucks, temperature sensitive packaging, cold storage, laboratories, and more!

Choosing the best device for your measurement needs can be tricky. Our team at QA Supplies is happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. Contact us here