Maintain High Humidity Levels With Aguatronics Basic Humidifier

Dec 12th 2019

Poultry, greenhouses, perishable storage, cigar humidors…Edit linkwhatever your industry may be, humidification management can be critical. From this, we’ve introduced AguatronicsFM Basic Humidifier to our versatile line of humidifiers and humidity controllers.

While many HVAC systems regulate room temperatures, they also decrease humidity levels resulting in costly product damage or weight loss. Aguair’s Aguatronics unique FM system is the perfect solution for maintaining high humidity levels without wetness. The patented FM nozzle precisely atomizes water using air. The high velocity mixture creates a fine, dry fog that blends with the ambient environment, and the fog (6-10 microns) produced doesn’t collect on boxes or the floor. This humidifier can increase relative humidity levels up to 98% without wetness.


To install the AguatronicsFM Basic Humidifier simply utilize a “plug and play” system as all setup components are included with purchase. Connect to a water supply*, plug in the air compressor and connect it to the housing and you’re ready to get started. There is no holding tank required for the water and air connections which helps limit the risk of bacterial colonization. The humidifier is fully adjustable to preferred humidity levels which makes for easy customization to any room or facility size.

Adding AguatronicsFM Basic Humidifier will increase your facility’s efficiency, safety, and decrease maintenance in comparison to other humification products. With low air (20psi) and water (40psi) operating pressures, save energy while introducing a more effective humification tool into your facility!

*If the water source is not ideal (TDS above 120), a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is recommended. We have industrial RO systems available - contact us for more details.