Thermometer Calibrations Now Available

Posted by Russ Holt on Nov 15th 2016

QA Supplies is now offering calibration, testing and certification services for any of our probe or infrared thermometers.

One our company's primary goals has always been to offer our customers the best products possible for their specific needs and an important part of that focus is ensuring the products we carry are both highly accurate and extremely dependable. Our new calibration and testing services will allow us to check each instrument and validate that reliability.

Our new on-site, calibration laboratory will allow us to check instruments at several different points using reference standards that are each independently certified and traceable to NIST standards. We will be offering low-cost, single and multiple point checks at pre-determined levels and we can fully customize the service at each customer’s request.

Some points of interest on our calibration services are the low costs, extremely quick turnaround times (2-3 days on average) and certificates that are traceable to NIST standards, show a unique serial number for each instrument and the complete details and specs for the service performed.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be expanding ours services to include calibrations on our Fruit Firmness Testers, Data Loggers and Scales, as well as water quality meters for pH, Conductivity, ORP and much more!

For complete details, please visit our Calibration Services page.