6 Steps to Calibrate Your pH Meter

Apr 24th 2019

So, you’ve purchased your new pH meter (we’re sure you absolutely love it) and it is time for calibration. Where do you start? Don’t worry, this question is much more common among our customers than you’d think. For your convenience, we’ve broken the multipoint calibration process of the HI98130 Combo Tester into six steps:

  1. Determine whether you would like to do a single-point calibration or a multi-point calibration. Purchase Hanna Instruments’ Buffer Solution , which includes ten 20 mL single use sachets of three different pH levels. For single-point calibrations, you’ll use the pH 7.01 Buffer Solution. For multi-point calibrations, you’ll use all three buffer solutions.
  2. Rinse off your meter with Electrode Cleaning Solution . Once the meter is cleaned, press the CAL button on the right side of the meter to begin calibration.
  3. Place the meter in the pH 7.01 Buffer Solution until the meter blinks, indicating the calibration is complete.
  4. Again, rinse the meter tip with Electrode Cleaning Solution to ensure there is no remaining buffer solution on the sensor.
  5. Press the CAL button on the right side of the meter to begin calibration.
  6. Place the meter in whichever solution is closest to your everyday pH testing supply, either 4.01 or 10.01. Hold the meter in the proper solution until the meter begins to blink, indicating the calibration process is complete!


Single & Multi-Point Calibration

If you are doing solely a single-point calibration, your calibration process ends at step three. For multi-point calibrations, the process ends at step six. Regardless of the calibration process used, proper storage and handling must occur to ensure your meter does not become contaminated or offset. The cap of your meter should be filled with Electrode Storage Solution when it is not being used. This storage solution protects your pH sensor, preventing damage from exposure to outside elements.

Whether you’re testing pool water, food, or beverages, keeping your  HI98130 Combo Tester calibrated and stored properly will offer consumers a premium product at the end of the day!