36 years and counting for the PMA Fresh Summit

Posted by Marieke Hemmes, Fresh Plaza on Oct 11th 2017

This article originally appeared on FreshPlaza.com on 10/10/2017

“PMA attendees come with established goals to get things done”

This year will mark the 36th PMA Fresh Summit exhibition year for Catalytic Generators. “Over the years, the show has grown and attendees come to the event to get things done,” says Greg Akins with Catalytic Generators. “Due to the size of the event, there is less time for browsing and most of our clients come with a clear purpose and established goals. They have issues in mind and we have solutions, so we are able to help them solve ethylene and other post-harvest monitoring needs quickly.”

World-wide event

Catalytic Generators operates at the global level and sees a substantial number of clients from all over the world that are either exhibiting at Fresh Summit or attending. “The quality and quantity of attendees is amazing at this world-wide event,” shared Akins. “We get to touch base with a lot of people in one location. In addition, the event helps us keep up with industry trends and new products.”

Greg Akins in the Catalytic/QA Supplies booth at last year's PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando.

QA Supplies

In addition to Catalytic Generators’ diverse line of ethylene application products, Akins and his team will also focus on sister company QA Supplies’ testing areas for produce at the show: temperature (thermometers and loggers), firmness testers, refractometers and water & air quality analysis tools. QA Supplies has a new line of Bluetooth thermometers and loggers that will be presented in the booth. One is the “ Blue2” Thermometer. In addition, the company’s new calibration laboratory services will be promoted by offering discounts or coupons. "We are able to test our probe and infrared thermometers as well as handheld fruit firmness testers to the manufacturers’ accuracy specifications. This allows our customers to meet not only their in-house standards for quality assurance, but also those of food safety regulators," Akins said.

Testing supplies on display in the booth

At the end of the first exhibition day, at 5:30 pm on Friday October 20th, Catalytic Generators and QA Supplies will be sponsoring the 2017 Annual Mango Industry reception. The event provides an opportunity for members of the mango supply chain from across the world to connect and network.

Visit Catalytic Generators and QA Supplies at booth #2709.

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