U-52 Water Quality Meter

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The Horiba U-50 series water quality meters are innovative units that will monitor,collect, display and store up to 11 parameters of ground and surface water simultaneously.

Designed for one hand operation, the small waterproof control unit lists parameter measurement data, instructions and icon display information on the large backlight display and the 30 meter cable allows the user to collect readings anywhere and at multiple depths. Auto hold, selectable measurement units and diagnostic functions for error notification make data management a snap. The rugged probe holds multiple, field replaceable sensors that take up to 10,000 data sets to be stored in the control unit and transferred to a PC later.



  • Multiple, field replaceable sensors for simultaneous parameter measurement
  • Automatic one point calibration
  • All parameters are displayed on one screen
  • Icons display battery power and GPS, USB and probe connectivity on the large display
  • Store as many as 10,000 sets of data
  • Rugged waterproof design
  • GPS capability
  • Supplied with control unit, probe/cable assembly, DO sensor, pH sensor, reference sensor, pH 4 buffer, reference inner solution, calibration beaker, strap, DO install tool and carrying case



  • Ranges:
    • pH: 0 - 14
    • ORP: -2000mV to +2000mV
    • DO: 0 - 50.0mg/L mg/L
    • EC: 0 to 10 S/m
    • Salinity: 0 - 4%
    • TDS: 0 to 100 g/L
    • Specific gravity: 0 to 50 δt
    • Temperature: -5°C to 55°C
    • Turbidity: 0 - 800 NTU (U-52, U-52G, U-53 and U-53G)
  • Weight: Main unit 800 g (1.76 lb); Sensor (2 meter): 1800 g (3.97 lb)
  • Power: 4 C Batteries