SaniCart™ | Mobile Sanitization System

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SaniCart is a portable, liquid solution atomizer that’s engineered to sanitize efficiently and effectively. 

This system’s simplistic design allows the user to apply a disinfectant of their choice into the environment in the form of a fine, dry fog that is composed of droplets between 6 and 10 microns. This fog easily settles on different surfaces and it gets into areas that conventional disinfectants cannot to ensure 100% effective sanitation.

This micro-fog sanitizer is also mobile and can be rolled into any environment to disinfect floors, walls, ceilings and hard-to-reach areas.

Protect your customers, employees, friends and family by sanitizing schools, airports, hotels, athletic facilities, restrooms, offices, ambulances, cruise ships, public transportation, airplanes, cargo trailers and much more.

The SaniCart, fogging sanitization system, can be used to protect against surface and airborne viral, bacterial and mold contamination using the patented micro-fog nozzle, which humidifies an entire room with any disinfectant. Compared to hand-held or aerosol sprayers, the disinfecting fog completely covers the environment and settles on all surfaces without residue. The system can be moved from room to room and set on an automated, sanitization protocol to deliver a variety of disinfecting agents that have been approved to be used as fog, including Peracetic Acid (PAA), Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Citric Acid or any other EPA-approved viral biocide. The micro-fog technology helps reduce human error and minimize exposure to sanitizing chemicals and pathogens, while also saving time, money and labor. Spraying traditional sanitizing solutions manually is a labor intensive and tedious, but SaniCart simplifies this process and makes it more effective.

Combine the SaniCart with a ClensAir system to create a complete Surface and Air Biosecurity Solution to Combat COVID-19. Unlike most technologies that target only air or surface sanitation, this unique and complete package targets droplet, surface and airborne viral transmission to prevent the spread of COVID-19, allowing public and private institutions to fully protect customers and employees.


  • Simple Design - can be rolled into any environment and only requires power and disinfectant solution
  • Small droplet size (6-10 microns) ensures disinfecting fog coats surfaces, reaches ventilation ducts and gets to hard-to-reach places without getting them wet
  • No ozone or toxic by-products released
  • Fraction of the cost compared to manual sanitation processes
  • Control panel with power switch, adjustable auto start/stop timer, air compressor gauge and tank pressure gauge
  • Robust, powder coated steel frame with hard, rubber wheels for effortless portability
  • Large, stainless steel nozzle is fully adjustable when hard mounted
  • Handheld, detachable nozzle for precise spray that directly targets a contaminated area
  • Handle for movement and hose storage
  • Low maintenance with no moving parts and a non-clogging, large 2mm orifice in the nozzle
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Spray Flow Rate: 0.5 to 1.0 GPH
  • Power 110 Volt (8 amps)
  • Tank Capacity: 5 US gallons
  • Tank Material: HDPE
  • Weight (Empty): 85 lbs. (empty) | 125 lbs. (full)
  • Dimensions: 11” x 18” x 32” H


Spec Sheet: