RTR-500GSM 2G Cellular Data Collector

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The RTR-500GSM is a mobile base station equipped with GSM phone network capabilities to create unprecedented flexibility for monitoring and collecting data from just about anywhere. 

Designed for monitoring the real-time conditions of products while in transit or in remote areas, the unit communicates wirelessly with the RTR-500 series loggers and then transmits the data through the GSM cell network. It automatically sends warnings via e-mail or SMS (text message), when a measurement exceeds preset limits, enabling the user to know about important changes in product conditions right away.

The data collector operates using a SIM card from a GSM compatible cell phone company or carrier (AT&T and T-Mobile are the largest GSM companies). As long as you are in range for cell service, simply place this unit in the truck's cab and a remote logger in the trailer and you are ready to monitor temperature and humidity while on the move. The unit will operate with virtually any AT&T cell phone SIM card as long as the account has SMS and data capability. While the unit can operate with a voice account SIM, it only uses the data functions and not voice minutes.



  • Allows Real-Time monitoring of goods during transport
  • Collects recorded data and/or current readings and "pushes" them to cell phones, PCs and Servers via FTP, SMS or e-mail at set intervals
  • Sends warnings via e-mail or SMS
  • Operation can be started and stopped via SMS commands
  • Local wireless range is 150 meters (500ft) if unobstructed and direct (can be easily expanded with one or more repeaters)
  • One unit can handle up to 20 remote units (repeaters and loggers)
  • With the GPS receiver option, location information can be attached to the readings
  • Alarm LED on the front of the unit and external contact output for sirens or warning lamps
  • External input terminal for a motion, light, open/close sensors, etc.
  • Can be powered with batteries, an AC adapter or an external source such as a vehicle cigarette lighter
  • Includes software for managing, graphing and saving data



  • Wireless Range: 150 m (500 ft)
  • Wireless Frequency: 902 to 928 MHz
  • Environment: 50°F to 131°F (10°C to 55°C) / 20% to 80% RH
  • Power:
    • Four AA batteries
    • AC adapter (not included)
    • External power (DC8 - 34V)
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.55" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 220 g
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