Aguatronics FM Basic Humidifier

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Aguair’s Aguatronics unique FM system is the perfect solution for maintaining high humidity levels without wetness.

Companies can incur high costs trying to maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels for their products. Although, HVAC systems maintain proper temperatures, they also decrease humidity levels, which results in costly product damage and weight loss.

The patented FM nozzle precisely atomizes water using air. The high velocity mixture creates a fine, dry fog that blends with the ambient environment and doesn’t collect on boxes or the floor. This humidifier is capable of increasing relative humidity levels up to 98% without wetness.

Installation is also simple, as the "Plug and Play" system comes with all necessary components and just needs air and water.  Connect to a water supply*, plug in the air compressor and connect it to the housing and you’re ready to get started. *If the water source is not ideal (TDS above 120), a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is recommended. We have industrial RO systems available - Contact us for more details


  • Evenly distributes a fine fog (6-10 microns) that dissipates very quickly to effectively increase RH
  • Low air (20 psi) and water (40 psi) pressures required
  • No holding tank required for water or air, which helps limit the risk of bacterial colonization
  • High quality components for reliable, continuous operation
  • Customizable to adapt to any size room or facility
  • Large, non-clogging nozzle tips are plastic to prevent mineral build-up
  • High flow rate of 0.5 gal/hr per housing (two nozzle tips each)
  • Fully adjustable to the preferred humidity levels
  • 24 volt solenoid valve with pressure regulator completely eliminates drips before and after fogging
  • Supplied with air compressor, humidistat, RH sensor, controller, tubing and quick connectors for air and water, (2) nozzle housings (2 tips each) and mounting brackets for the housings


  • Nozzle Housing:
    • Flow Rate: 0.5 gal/hr per housing
    • Droplet Size: 6-10 microns
    • Water Pressure: 30 psi
    • Air Pressures: 20-30 psi
  • System:
    • Capacity: Up to 10,000 ft3 (280 m3)
    • Flow Rate: 1.0 gal/hr (two housings)
    • Water Pressure: 40 psi
    • Air Pressure: 20-30 psi
    • Power: 110V | 50/60HZ (220V | 60 HZ option available
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