5002A-10C Ammonia Ion Electrode

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Horiba Instruments' 5002A-10C Ammonia Ion Electrode for the Horiba D-73 meter, a hand-held meter from Horiba's allows for pH, mV(ORP), ION and temperature measurements. Utilizing the ratio of the limit concentration of coexisting ions (mol/L) to the ion concentration to be measured (mol/L); The value of 1000 means that the coexisting ions can be permitted up to 1000 times the ion measured and ''not acceptable'' means that chemical change occurs in the solid response membrane. This ammonia ion electrode has a response time within 30 seconds when substituting low concentration to high concentration or within 2 minutes when substituting high concentration to low concentration.


  • Range: 0.1 to 1,000 ppm NH3
  • pH range: Adjust more than pH 12
  • Applicable temperature range: 0 to 50